Welcome to The Nourished Vibe

Welcome to The Nourished Vibe, a feel-good atmosphere dedicated to healthy and balanced living! My name is Jenna, and I’m excited to have you stop by and share this space with me. I believe nourishment comes in all forms, and it means to provide the body with the necessities for growth and good health. Not only do we nourish ourselves with food, but we also nourish our mind with thoughts, our physical body with movement, and our well-being with self-care and love.

A few things about me: I love getting creative with healthful foods, breaking a good sweat, spending time with family + friends, taking advantage of downtime, creating + enjoying smoothies, and sipping my morning cup of coffee. I’m currently studying and journeying through a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, and in the coming future I will pursue my dream in becoming a Registered Dietitian. Sharing, helping, and relating with others is something that fills me with so much happiness. Connections and support systems are so important and add such value to our lives.

We were made to feel amazing in our body, and I hope to be someone who empowers and inspires you to feel amazing in your body!

HEALTH is a state of complete PHYSICAL, MENTAL, AND SOCIAL WELL-BEING and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” – World Health Organization


Good vibes only,Jenna

Photos by the amazingly talented Kristen of LoveCraft Photography

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