My Personal Sanctuary

I wanted to touch on the importance of dedicating a sanctuary in your life to recharge. It can be any space that allows you to meditate, read, pursue dreams, get creative, etc. I like to think of it as a place I go to to nourish my calm and be reminded of who I am. I live in a city, so it can sometimes be a hectic lifestyle which naturally led me to create a peaceful space in my life to temporarily step away from it all, and focus on myself.

The bedroom is my dedicated space to realign. I walk in and instantly feel a release from any feelings and emotions that are weighing on me. I’m not running away from anything by being in this space, I’m simply arriving to take a breather and remind myself of who I am. It’s fascinating to see how people recharge themselves. We are all so unique in our needs and what nourishes us. For example, some recharge when they are with others and being social, and others do so while they’re in their garden or out in nature alone. Overall, our worlds can become hectic at times which makes it important to create space for recharging our being, and to not let the hectic moments subconsciously absorb us and take over.


Now I’m not here to tell you how to find or create a sanctuary, this is a very personal thing. However, I would love to share two simple questions that helped me discover mine! I thought I would also share a few pieces of my bedroom that make up my sanctuary and give me a sense of calm. Maybe something will spark your interest or inspire your recharge zone.

  • What do you find exhausting? Why?
  • What do you find recharges you? Why?

These two simple questions can be the catalyst to creating as much chaos or freedom as you wish. Eliminate what doesn’t serve you in your space, this action will rid the exhaustion and enhance the recharge. When you nourish your life with the things that recharge you it eases the flow of your life. When we are in the constant flow of go-go-go, we become exhausted and can sometimes lose ourselves in it. When we are in the constant go-go-go flow we can become more susceptible to disease and illness. Making time to nourish our well-being keeps us healthier and better equipped for life.

A few pieces from my room that recharge me:

  • Essential oil diffuser (I have the Saje Aromaom Ultrasonic Diffuser which is perfect for the bedroom!)
  • Crystals (Amethyst for anxiety!)
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp (AKA the healer lamp)
  • Photographs and items that reflect love and happiness (my fiance brings such peace to my life, having photos of us hung around the bedroom melts my heart and gives me a sense of peace)
  • Books (particularly on my interests in dietetics, health, wellness, and food, or stories by authors like Paulo Coelho)
  • Colours (minimalist colours such as whites, grays, and dusty blues)


Do you have a personal sanctuary or space in your life that helps you recharge? If not, is it something you have ever considered? Let me know!

Good vibes only,Jenna

Photos by the amazingly talented Kristen of LoveCraft Photography


2 thoughts on “My Personal Sanctuary

  1. Great food for thought and such peaceful pictures. My space is also my bedroom but this is inspiring me to do a bit of decluttering!


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