Letting Go Of Healthy Perfection


There are numerous pressures out there to always make the perfect choice around food because that means we are “healthy”. The reality of it is that we will fail at making the right choice sometimes. Even the healthiest people out there have their moments, and THAT’S PERFECTLY OKAY! We can become our own worst enemy sometimes, filling our mind with doubts like

  • “I shouldn’t have eaten that…”
  • “I need to cut this out so I can be skinny…”
  • “I want that person’s body, mine isn’t good enough…”
  • “I can’t believe I ate cake last night, my diet is ruined…”
  • “I haven’t exercised in a week, I’m going to get fat…”


Why do we beat ourselves up like this? When it comes to making choices, once they are done they are done, and it’s what we learn from it that can help us to make better ones next time around. Instead of viewing our food choices as the enemy, we should view it as a learning lesson that can help us to cultivate a healthier self in the long run. Instead of saying “I shouldn’t have eaten that” and putting regret in your mind, try a love note message like “Man, that food did not make me feel the greatest, next time I will make a better decision because I know how it makes me feel”. Always keep your focus forward, don’t look back and beat yourself up. Negative thoughts around food contribute to things like stress and the harsh effects that come along with it, like high cortisol levels, weight fluctuation, blood sugar imbalances, restlessness, lack of energy, depression, heightened anxiety, etc…

Making healthy choices doesn’t mean perfection. We need to get this out of our mind. Yes, I LOVE posting healthy inspirations, and chatting about cultivating healthy habits that contribute to long-term results, however, THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME PERFECT. I am beyond flawed you guys! I have had moments of doubts with my health, looks, body image, confidence, food choices, lifestyle choices, etc… I am like a floating ball of anxiety sometimes. I am not ashamed of anxiety like I once was, I am aware of it and have become so much stronger from it. I’ve turned it into a learning tool over the years of beating it. My parents actually cannot believe the strong person I have become sometimes, they are so proud and blown away. Love you Mom and Dad!

We have all heard this many times, but it’s so true- there is so much we see out there with television, social media, etc… It can be hard not to let certain things affect us negatively sometimes, especially on a bad day. I am passionate about healthy living as a lifestyle, but still being able to LIVE YOUR LIFE. The science of nutrition makes my heart skip a beat in all the happy ways, it’s a deep passion of mine. I love feeling inspired by others, it’s refreshing, so having the opportunity to use social media to inspire even just one person on my end fills my bucket, because I know how it feels to reap inspiration from others, & it fuels all the good things inside me.

A healthy lifestyle means committing to bettering yourself because it makes you feel better! That’s all. Pretty simple hey? It’s not a specific diet, a certain food, a particular body type, etc… It’s okay to indulge! Just do it in moderation and create balance with it. Allowing ourselves to have the opportunity to indulge, and not think about it, is actually a form of self love and acceptance. We need to let go of the pressure, the doubts, the perfectionism, and instead focus on doing our best and moving forward in times we may have a setback. When we give ourselves permission it helps keep the balance and healthy living long-term and attainable. It helps us feel FREEDOM to be. Release the pressure, learn from each bump, and move forward into your best self. You can still be the best version of yourself even when you experience setbacks if you let yourself learn from each experience, and allow yourself to move forward. Change your mindset and the way you think about yourself and your choices, switch the negative talk into little love notes that can be gentle reminders for next time.

I hope you found some relief in today’s raw post. Do you find yourself relating to any of this talk? Having this section on the blog is very important to me. We need to talk about real life things and be here for one another. Connections and support systems are everything. It’s nourishing to our well-being. Too many of us are closed off and suffering in silence. Let’s be supportive and there for one another, let’s lift each other up. Sending so much love and hugs to each of you!

Do you have any thoughts or comments? I would love to hear what you have to say!

Good vibes only,Jenna

Photo by @madsthesedays

7 thoughts on “Letting Go Of Healthy Perfection

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! 🙂 This really resonates with the revelation I had this year about what it means to healthy and make healthy choices.

    It’s okay to have days/moments where we make unhealthy choices- but we should never beat ourselves up over them. Being able to accept and love ourselves while still working on ourselves is truly liberating.

    You’re sentiments really resemble what I shared a few weeks ago: https://anunfilteredreality.com/2017/08/26/first-blog-post/

    Thanks so much for providing further insight on what it means to find self-acceptance while still working on being healthy 🙂

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  2. Thank you. I actually really needed to hear this today. I’ve been struggling quite a bit recently with my eating disorder (despite the fact that I’ve been “in recovery” for 14 years). I treated myself to something today that I was starting to feel guilty about. I feel better after reading this though. 🙂

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  3. Hi Jenna. I remember you from Powell River. I found your blog and I am really enjoying reading such a positive message. I have been struggling with exactly this attitude for some time and it is quite counterproductive. Even though I know this, its still difficult to change such a set pattern…though I’m getting there bit by bit. My perfectionism is hugely why I ended up going to such extremes and ending up very sick and with such bad anxiety problems. Its a tough journey back to health/mental balance, but I really believe this kind of compassionate self-awareness is just as important ( if not more important!) than what kinds of foods we eat. So great to see a young women creating a life that feels good on the inside as opposed to just looking good on the outside, and inspiring others to find the same autonomy from the pressure to be “perfect” (whatever that is :o).

    ❤ sending my love and appreciation for your efforts. Take care!


    1. Hi Britt!

      I remember you also! You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for the uplifting and kind comment. It means so much to me for people to be able to make connections and relate to one another. I am so happy you stumbled across the blog and left your shining positivity for me to see.

      Sending so much love and appreciation back to you, have an amazing day and wishing you nothing but the best!




  4. Thanks for the reply! Continuing to love your articles! I definitely agree that making connections/relating is such important nourishment. xoxox. keep on inspiring and encouraging ❤


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