My Manifestation 5

Manifestation 5 by The Nourished Vibe

Have you ever heard the saying “Energy flows where intention goes”? This is one of my favourites, because it’s so true! Today I want to talk about manifestation, and how it can be life changing. Our thoughts release energy, and energy translates into how we experience things and shape our reality. Our way of thinking brings energy within us, and this energy will attract experiences into our life accordingly. If you think to yourself “I can’t do this… ”, you will attract that kind of energy which will feed that thought, and you simply will not feel you can do it. However, when we feed our thoughts with the opposite thinking, such as “I can do anything I set my mind to…”, you release an energy inside you that radiates positivity and confidence which translates into your life!

Let’s unravel my manifestation 5…

One. Be a space maker

Release what no longer serves you! Clear anything that is blocking or limiting you from believing in yourself and how great you are. Keep your mind open and clear. We go through events in life that are teaching and helping us find deeper meaning in who we are. For example, maybe you didn’t get the job you wanted because there is something better ahead and instead you are being taught to build strength and have patience for something you are meant for that is much bigger than you could imagine. Maybe a friendship or relationship that causes toxicity in your life is teaching you that you need to heal. These moments can feel difficult, but trusting that these times are actually paving amazing opportunities ahead for you can help you get through them, and clear space for what is meant for you and your yearning. The more space you make for yourself and the more clean your thoughts are, the more positivity you will attract into your life. If you truly want to manifest your greatness, you’ll want to clear all your blockages and create space for believing in yourself and how amazing you are.

Two. Know What You Want

Being clear on what it is you desire plays a big role when manifesting it. If you are uncertain on what it is you desire, you might manifest a lot of uncertainty and doubt into your life. I like writing things down, whether it be through blogging, with a pen and paper, bookmarking pages in a book that inspired me, etc… If something fuels my desires and sparks my passion, I like to take note of it. When you become clear of what you want and what you’re attracted to, it helps paint the picture. Be clear on how you feel so you can clearly manifest what it is you want.

Three. Focus

Focus on your clear feelings daily. Once you are clear about what you want and desire, you can begin to put your full focus on it. The more you focus on your desires, the more you’ll manifest them into your life. You might find your focus through doing exercises you love, practicing meditation, or maybe while you’re out in nature, or taking a yoga class. Whatever feeds your focused mind, be sure to do that daily! For myself, being outside in nature or doing exercises I love really refuels and feeds my focus.

Four. Awareness + Understanding

Being aware that you attract who you are, and understanding that manifestation is a process is important. When you are certain of who you are and what you desire, you can afford to be patient and fearless. We do not have control of time. Trust that there is always something better set in place for you. Being aware of this helps you stay relaxed in the process of manifesting your desires.

Five. Gratitude

Be grateful! Trust that you’re exactly where you are meant to be in this moment. Be thankful for each moment and experience that brings you closer to who you are and what you desire. Believe that you will be given what it is you need, and know that when you are given what you need, it is because you have manifested it into your life.


Do you have daily practices that help you fulfill your desires and get you where you want to be? Have you ever manifested something that has brought you closer to what you want, or have it teach you a lesson in becoming who you truly are meant to be?

Good vibes only,Jenna


2 thoughts on “My Manifestation 5

  1. LOVED reading this. I was introduced to the book “the secret” over 3 years ago and it truly changed my life. I find it’s a constant learning process of retraining your mind and it’s thoughts on the regular.

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    1. Thank you Andrea! I love reading your blog, it’s so inspiring, and the recipes look amaaaazing! I need to look into the book you mentioned, I don’t think I have read or heard of it. I love a new inspirational read. It’s very true, it is a constant learning process to retrain our minds, a very important process for sure.



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