Bridal Shower Celebration

I’m blogging something a little different today! My comfort zone is definitely talking about healthy lifestyle, self care, food, balance, recipe sharing, etc. I’m not a party planner, a travel guru, or an outfit queen, however, that won’t stop me from chit chatting about something different and stepping out of my comfort zone. Maybe I can some how mesh this post into my blog’s vibe?

A couple weekends ago my soon to be mother-in-law & sister-in-law threw me such a beautiful and thoughtful bridal shower and I was lucky enough to have the amazing Love Craft Photography there to capture all the organic moments of love, laughter, dancing, food, and celebrations. Having these milestone moments in life captured is truly the best. The details that went into this celebration were so thoughtful and from love. To sum up the evening, the room was full of amazing people, vibes,  and all of my favourite foods like a massive fruit plate, veggies,  home cooked Persian dishes (has anyone else tried Persian food? SO GOOD; home cooked is always the best), celebratory drinks like homemade lavender sangria that was concocted with fresh made organic lavender syrup (thanks Sus, so delicious!), and some amazing indulgences like my momma’s homemade cupcakes. Not to mention, my future mother-in-law brought in a sculptured cake of a bride which was absolutely beautiful!


I feel inspired to share some of the details that went into my bridal shower not only because it was beautiful and I’m getting married like THIS MONTH (my mind is on full blast chatter mode btw, does sleep exist at this point?), but because it was an evening of celebrating love in a room full of people I share my life with, love, admire, and feel inspired by. And I think that’s pretty amazing. I love celebrations! Especially surprise celebrations. How amazing is it to come together with family, friends, and loved ones and celebrate beautiful moments in life and make memories together? It’s pretty special. There’s so much fun, love, and thoughtfulness that goes into throwing a party, along with hard work and some stress of course, but once the celebration is happening, all of the preparing comes to life and at the end of the day it’s about love, and if you are with the people you love then what more could you ever ask for?


A few of the games during the night…

How much candy is in the jar? // Two jars were filled with candy and whoever’s guess was bang on or closest to the correct amount won a prize.

How well do you know the bride and groom // There was a series of questions guests had to answer about myself and my fiance (this was pretty hilarious btw, great game!).

Two truths one lie about the bride // Someone reads two truths and one lie out about the bride and guests have to guess which is the truth and which is the lie.

For each of the different games throughout the evening there were tickets for the winners which were cashed in for prizes. I thought that was such a cute idea!

Some keepsakes + memories for the bride to take away from the shower…

Wishes for the bride and groom // This was a printed out sheet for guests to fill in the blanks to follow phrases such as “Never…”, “Sometimes you have to…”, “Don’t worry about…”, “My wish for you…”. I think this idea is so great because it’s something I can always pull out and read at anytime. Memories are so special to the heart.

Favourite memories of the bride + groom // This was another sheet for guests to write down their favourite memory with the bride and/or groom. Another great piece to cherish and look back on with smiles.

Homemade favours for guests to bring home…

“Mint to Be” sugar scrub // My soon to be sister-in-law made some adorable coconut-mint sugar scrubs for everyone to take home, which was so sweet and such a cute idea! The scrub smelt amazing, and I love skin care, which means I didn’t wait too long before I tried mine out (the next day). My skin felt so invigorated and soft. Such a thoughtful idea, self care treats always win!

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A nourishing thought to share…

At the end of the day, it’s not about how much you have or what you get, it’s truly about the people in your life and the ones you love. Take it all away, and still, being in a room with all the people I was with is truly a gift in itself, and more than enough! Love and laughter always wins, materials will come and they will go. It’s not to be negative and say materials are not nice or a treat, it’s just to say they should never control your mentality, character, and spirit. Being present and being in each moment 100% is the greatest gain of all. Life’s beautiful moments pass too quickly, absorb them fully, love a lot, laugh + hug a little harder, and always be you.


There were a lot of beautiful details, big and small, that went into my bridal shower. There were so many photos to choose from, it was so hard to choose which ones to feature in this post (thanks to Kristen @lovecraftphotography)! Maybe you’re looking for some bride-to-be inspiration, or party ideas, or just a peek into the evening. Whatever it may be, I hope you enjoy. Let me know your thoughts + feedback on this post as it’s something out of my norm. I love feedback and bouncing ideas/inspirations off others. Happy Wednesday everyone and thank you for reading today’s post. Huge shout out to everyone who was involved and at my bridal shower, love you all the the moon and beyond!

Good vibes only,Jenna

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