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Skin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

I’ve felt an energy to do a blog post like this one for quite some time now. This will be my last blog post for a few weeks as the wedding is creeping right up and I want all of my focus and attention to be in the present moment absorbing and enjoying every second of it! As I have been told by many, the wedding day will fly by before I know it. We will be flying away the day after our wedding for our honeymoon… in Italy! I’m so excited you guys! I have never been on a trip like this before, it’s my first major travel, and I come from an Italian background, I know… what’s wrong with me? Anyways, let’s get back to what I’m here to chat about today, SKIN!

I have a lot to say today, so get comfy and make yourself a cup of something warm and nourishing. I recommend a turmeric golden milk for those anti-inflammatory, nutrient boosting and skin glowing properties! All you have to do is heat 1 cup of plant based milk over the stove, once it’s heated through pour it into a simple blender and blend it with 1 tsp of quality turmeric powder, some fresh ground ginger, 1 scoop collagen powder, ½ tbsp coconut oil, and 1 tsp raw unpasteurized honey or pure organic maple syrup. Pour it into your favourite mug and enjoy! You could also scroll to the bottom of this post to get the recipe for the Chocolatey Collagen Latte I am sharing today.

Alright, let’s get to it…

It doesn’t matter what your gender is, or what age you are, breakouts can happen to anyone at anytime. Whether they come once in a blue moon, or constantly, it’s frustrating. I have so many people sending me lovely messages & comments about my skin, and it’s really pushed me to do this post even more, mainly because I do not have perfect skin! When it comes to beating breakouts consistency is key, and I have been super consistent with my skin. I have built a relationship with my skin and what my skins needs are. How? A lot of trial and error, but also by staying curious about how I could help my skin. I never gave up. Over years of trial and error, I have discovered (and continue to discover) simple skincare + makeup techniques that work for me, and yes, I will be sharing all of this with you today. Maybe something will resonate with you, maybe you can relate or find peace in the fact that we all go through different things in life, or maybe you want to try something that I have tried to see if it might benefit you! Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy today’s post.

As soon as I hit puberty, my body was like WOAH (hello hormones, cravings, and emotions). It’s been an up and down battle of having cooperative skin that looks and feels great, to having skin that is acne prone, painful and feels bad. Not just on a physical level, but an emotional level too. Through different stages of life, my acne has moved around. At first throughout my teenage years it was in my tee zone only, and now my tee zone is perfectly clear and it’s specifically only on my jawline (which is an area of the face that can indicate hormone imbalances). Have you ever heard of face mapping? It’s pretty interesting, different sections of our face are connected to our body and can be indicators that there is something imbalanced within our system. If you’re curious enough, here’s a link to a great illustration and simple breakdown of face mapping.

It can feel difficult dealing with acne prone skin for some people (and other skin sensitivities such as dryness, psoriasis, eczema), and for others it doesn’t bother them. It really depends on the person! I know for me, it can be uncomfortable. For some, it’s so uncomfortable to the point where you would rather just stay in than go out (I have been there!). We are our own worst critics. We really have to let go of the idea of perfection and embrace the unique beauty of who we are, own it and love it! I can honestly tell you that letting the negative thoughts I had about myself go and allowing self love + self care flow throughout me was the biggest improvement I could have ever made for my mental health, and for my skin. It’s freeing! I feel like the days where I would let my skin really get me down was such a waste of thought. There are way worse things people go through than breakouts, let’s be real. When we heal ourselves from the inside out (beginning with our thoughts about ourselves), amazing things begin to happen.

I go through seasons with my skin. I can confidently say that there is not one solution or product when it comes to healing your skin. There are a ton of dynamics and factors that apply; the time of year, the weather, stress, hormones, diet, medications, skincare regime, intolerances, inflammation, and lifestyle are just a few factors I can name off the top of my head. I will be talking about my personal experience with my own skin type today, as I know there are so many people who can relate. I went to school for esthetics back in 2011 at The Aveda Institute (a period of my life where I was going through self discovery and finding my purpose) so I do have a bit of a background when it comes to skin care. In addition, I have come to discover over the years that it’s not only about washing your face and being consistent with a skincare regime when it comes to having healthy skin. Nutrition + lifestyle are also some pretty important key factors that play a role in our skin health. Now, let’s get into some details…

My Skin Type


Sensitive, oily, and acne prone. Can you relate to any of these skin types?

Sensitive // AKA rednessMy skin can easily become red if I use harsh products, or wash with water that is too hot. To combat redness, I like to use natural + minimal skin care products, and I always wash with warm (not hot) water first, followed by a cold water rinse to close up those skin pores. Doing this helps keep my redness and sensitivity minimal. A few signs of sensitive skin can include redness, itching, burning, hives, breakouts, and dryness.

Oily // Meaning my skin produces excess amounts of sebum (oil), which can also lead to breakouts as it can clog the skin’s pores and acne thrives on our skin’s oils. I typically start my day off without excess shininess, it is more noticeable by the end of the day. However, there are tons of way to maintain and keep excessive oil minimal on the skin, which I will share in my simple makeup regime below. Not everyone with oily skin is prone to breaking out, some people just have excess oil.

Acne prone // My skin is one of the first things to react when something is out of balance (like my hormones), or if I ingest something that causes my body to react or become inflamed (like dairy products, too much alcohol and high amounts of sugar/gluten/wheat), or if my stress and anxiety is heightened. Incorporating natural hormone balancing remedies, eliminating what bothers my digestion, and keeping my stress/anxiety to a minimum are a few ways I combat acne.

Acne Triggers  

What causes acne anyways? Well, there are a few things that can lead to acne breakouts such as hormonal imbalances, increased levels of cortisol, inflammation in the body, and clogged pores. The causes are very unique to each and every individual.

Hormone imbalances // If you’re experiencing consistent breakouts once you hit puberty, and well past puberty, you’re likely to be a candidate for hormonal-acne (like me!). This kind of acne can be easy to combat, but also very difficult. You have to be willing to try a regime for a period of time that allows your body and skin to adjust. It’s easy to become impatient when you’re waiting for your skin to heal and look better. However, you have to give any new regime time to work. There is no such thing as an overnight solution, especially for hormonal-acne. Those of us who get frustrated with our skin and give up easily (I’ve been there before) are going to continually feel like nothing is helping or working. Patience and consistency is crucial for healing. Hormonal imbalances, especially, take time to level out. Stay positive, and enjoy life! Things will heal with time, don’t let it control you.

Cortisol // Commonly known as our stress hormone in the body. Heightened cortisol levels can cause our body to become imbalanced, which can lead to acne breakouts. Keeping our stress levels to a minimum is important, not only for the health of our skin but for our overall health. Stress can be the cause of numerous ailments and diseases in the body, acne not being the worst, but one of them.

Inflammation // Chronic inflammation can fuel acne. Blocked pores and oil is where acne thrives, and inflammation can fuel excess sebum (oil) production and can clog up our pores. Even without chronic inflammation, acne can appear, however much less and not as painful and swollen. Inflammation wreaks havoc on not only our skin, but our overall health. The worst part of it is, is that a lot of the time it goes unnoticed. Inflammation has become a hot topic for scientists (rightly so!), it was never focused on before as much as it is to date. Inflammation can be the cause of a number of health problems ranging from fatigue, body aches, allergies, joint pain, digestive troubles, to diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes to name a few of many. Chronic inflammation is long-acting (as opposed to acute inflammation) and affects the body in numerous ways, acne being one of the many. It’s always a great idea to incorporate anti-inflammatory + detoxifying foods into your diet to help the body fight inflammation.

Clogged pores // As I have mentioned, excessive amounts of oil will clog the skin’s pores, leading to inflammation of the skin, resulting in breakouts. Lack of a skin care regime can contribute to clogged pores. If you wear makeup, prepping the skin properly and washing your makeup off at the end of the day is key for keeping those pores clear.

Foods to Avoid for clearer skin

High-glycemic foods + dairy // There are a lot of ideas + studies out there on how diet can be related to acne, with an emphasis on high amounts of sugar + dairy. Foods that score high on the glycemic index can feed bacteria and increase hormone levels that can elevate oil activity in the skin, which contributes to acne. Low carb diets and plant based diets have been known to work for some individuals and clearing their skin. Personally, for me, generally following a mostly plant based way of eating and eliminating dairy has done magic for my skin. Not only for clearing things up, but for making it glow and look more youthful. I’m not vegan, or any specific way, I just eat what makes me and my body feel good and eliminate what doesn’t, while enjoying the cake from time to time. If I have any dairy it not only bother my digestion, but my skin almost always reacts when I do. However, I do believe that indulging in your favourite treats from time to time is a form of healthy nourishment, whether or not they contain dairy. We have to live a little and let the perfectionism go, if you generally aim for a healthier lifestyle, it’s okay to let things go from time to time.

Highly processed foods // Fried foods, hydrogenated ingredients, and artificial ingredients play a huge role in increasing inflammation in the body. Processed foods go way beyond causing acne, they also contribute to many chronic diseases world wide. There are thousands and thousands of ways processed foods can be dangerous to our health, and it’s not only foods you would find in a drive-thru. Processed foods are everywhere! Dehydrated foods, canned goods, boxed foods, and frozen foods are all forms of processed foods (some being worse than others) that can be found at your nearest grocery store. Being mindful of the foods you are putting into your body is a great way to begin eliminating what may be causing you to have imbalances. Small changes is what makes for big change, instead of reaching for the dried fruit, grab the fresh fruit instead. Keep it simple.

Foods to incorporate for better skin

Probiotic-rich foods //  Probiotics are live microorganisms (good bacteria) that are beneficial for skin health, digestive health, heart health, brain health, immune health, mental health and even more! While probiotics are popularly taken in a supplement form, you can easily get them through fermented foods like sauerkraut, yogurts (there are dairy-free yogurt alternatives too), kefir, tempeh, and kombucha to name a few. My personal favourite probiotic-rich foods are sauerkraut and kombucha! You can find them in most grocery stores health foods sections (or any health foods store) in many different forms and flavours. Beet-ginger sauerkraut is up high on my list of favourite krauts. For sauerkraut, you want to make sure you buy the kind that is in the refrigerated section, not off the shelf.

Dark leafy greens // Dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and swiss chard are packed with vitamins (A + C) and minerals (zinc + iron) that are great for our skin. Increasing vegetable intake will never hurt! Plant foods come jam packed with an array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Up your veggie intake, especially dark leafy greens.

Foods rich in zinc // Increasing zinc intake can help fight off acne causing bacteria as it’s an important anti-inflammatory + antioxidant for the skin. Some foods that are rich in zinc include swiss chard, spinach, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, kefir, chickpeas, raw cacao, and mushrooms.

Anti-inflammatory foods // It’s always beneficial to incorporate anti-inflammatory rich foods into your diet as we are constantly exposed to toxins that can cause our bodies to become inflamed, which can contribute to acne. Raw nuts, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, dark leafy greens, beets, bone broth, flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemp hearts, blueberries, and pineapple are a few commonly known foods that are great for fighting inflammation in the body.

Regimes that have worked for my skin

Naturopathic remedies // I see a naturopathic doctor for hormonal balancing periodically. To be honest, naturopathic remedies and regimes have been one of the biggest contributors to my skin’s improvements. Hormone balancing is probably one of my biggest challenges, it is such a process and common problem for a lot of people. Consistency and dedication is important for seeing and feeling results. Being consistent with my remedies and regimes I am given has done wonders for my overall well-being (especially my skin & period), I used to suffer from really bad, inconsistent, lengthy periods, and making small consistent changes made all the difference.

Hydration // Drink your water! Drinking an adequate amount of water helps the body flush toxins and keeps things moving and working properly. It also helps your skin glow. Add some fresh squeezed lemon for an extra inner skin care boost. Lemon water is great for increasing detoxification and improving our skin’s appearance. Make it a hot lemon water on those colder days and add a bit of fresh grated ginger to it for some extra anti-inflammatory + detoxifying benefits.

Probiotics // Increasing probiotic intake can dramatically improve our well-being. When I started incorporating probiotic rich foods and a probiotic supplement into my diet, a lot of positive changes started to slowly happen. My digestion, skin, and energy levels were one of the first few things I noticed improvement in. Probiotics help balance the gut (to keep it simple), and a balanced gut is a happy gut, which means the rest of your body will benefit from the happiness. When our gut is out of balance, our digestion, skin, immunity, and much more can become compromised. Keep your gut happy and healthy!

Limiting stimulants // Caffeine + alcohol can contribute to heightened levels of cortisol, which can contribute to hormonal imbalances that can lead to acne + numerous other effects like heightened stress, anxiety, and feelings of sluggishness. I used to be able to drink 4 cups of coffee a day, no problem! Why 4? I wasn’t feeling the kick anymore. However, because I was consuming so much, the effects were no longer there. Cutting down the amount of caffeine I drink has helped a lot (especially with my anxiety). I personally feel like if I completely eliminated caffeine, it would up the state of my skin and improve my anxiety that much more, but my morning cup of coffee is just something I won’t give up (as of now anyways)! We all have our things, what’s yours?  

Natural skin care products // As I mentioned before, I did attend an esthetics program, and I do love makeup (I love wearing it as much as I love washing it off, anyone else?). Not all makeup is natural, and it can be very difficult to find makeup that works for you that is natural (speaking from experience). When I find a natural makeup line that works for me, I’ll be sure to share! I haven’t given up, I’m just still seeking a good brand. Let me know some of your favourite natural makeup lines that you find work well (especially for sensitive/oily skin types). I do have a few natural makeup products kicking around, but the majority of the makeup I use is not all natural. Through a ton of trial and error with different skin care lines and regimes through my teen years, using all natural skin care (face wash, toner, moisturizer, treatments, etc…) was something I discovered that worked best for my skin. Before I would use skin care that contained a lot of ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce. It really irritated my skin, and stripped my skin of it’s natural oils. I wasn’t as educated on what I was doing to my skin at that time, I was just desperate for something to work. Attending The Aveda Institute Esthetician’s Program helped me become more mindful of what I was putting on my skin and why. The combination of using makeup and then skin care that was not completely clean took a toll on my skin. Especially enhancing the redness and feelings of burning (it’s painful to even think about those times).

Essential oils // Discovering the power of essential oils was like heaven on Earth for not only my skin, but my overall well-being! You can check out one of my previous blog post on How Essential Oils Changed My Life to read more about it. Incorporating essential oil drops into my skin care made such a difference. Tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender essential oils (topical versions, be sure to always check if an essential oil you get can go directly onto your skin) make my skin feel and look so much better! Tea tree oil is great for combating bacteria, peppermint is soothing (especially for breakouts), and lavender is amazing for calming + reducing redness. I typically add three drops of tea tree oil with one drop of lavender into my skin care and even my makeup. I love dropping a few tea tree oil drops into my foundation right before I am about to apply it. It feels so fresh and invigorating. I’ll apply peppermint essential oil (topical version) directly onto a painful breakout to help sooth and reduce the pain.

Reducing stress + anxiety naturally // Keeping those stress + anxiety levels minimal is going to enhance your well-being in every area of your life. Managing my stress and making an effort to keep my anxiety minimal changed a lot of areas of my life, my complexion being only one of many. You can check out my post on Busting Anxiety Naturally to discover ways I like to keep my anxiety minimal, they are also ways you can naturally decrease stress as well. Reducing your stress and taking control of your anxiety can help your body be in better balance and function. Imbalances in our body often times will show through our skin, so keeping it minimal can help you achieve a healthier complexion.  

Letting my skin breathe // I love wearing makeup and trying different looks, but I looooove washing it all off just the same! I don’t wear makeup all the time. I like wearing it if I am going out and about, but when I am home, or just running quick errands, I’ll skip the makeup. Letting your skin breath helps keep your pores clear, and clear pores means less inflammation in the skin.

Making sleep a priority // Sleep should seriously be a priority, but it just isn’t for a lot of us. Sleep is just as important as the food we eat and the air we breathe. Sleep is our bodies way of maintaining itself. Our mind and body gets affected when we lack sleep. Depriving our body of sleep can lead to things like acne and serious health problems. It’s not in the number of hours we sleep, but the quality of our sleep. Some people can sleep 6 hours and feel completely energized and others will sleep 11 hours and feel awful. Our skin can secrete excess amounts of sebum (oil) when our sleep pattern is off and inconsistent. Lack of sleep is stress for our body which will lead to an increase of cortisol levels in the body causing our body to secrete excess amounts of sebum that acne will thrive in. If you are one of those people who has troubles making sleep happen, try building regimes around sleep! Invest in a diffuser with some relaxing essential oils that help you unwind with every breath (doing this was a sleep game changer for me), plan to have an epsom salt bath in the evening to help relax you, read a book, ignore your electronics once you enter the bedroom, invest in a himalayan salt lamp, or make a chamomile or magnesium evening tea. There are so many ways you can naturally unwind and turn down in the evening to help increase your quality of sleep.

My everyday skin care regime

Skin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

Cleanse // I use a simple bar of all natural soap to cleanse my face. I typically aim for one that has essential oils in it that have a calming effect, like lavender or peppermint. A plain old bar of natural soap washes away all of my makeup really well, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and cleansed.

Skin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

Tone // I use raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar + 3 drops tea tree oil as a toner. I apply it with a facial cotton pad that I lightly wipe all over my cleansed face. Bragg products has a great ACV that can be found in most grocery stores, and Saje Wellness carries a great tea tree oil for the skin. This combination sounds so bizarre and maybe even gross for some people, but the antibacterial benefits of these two ingredients are very beneficial for healing and avoiding skin breakouts. I also find using raw apple cider vinegar helps my pores appear much smaller and tightens up my skin. I was never sold on the idea of natural skin care, but it seriously works so well, especially when I gave it a chance and tried a natural regime for a good few months. Consistency is everything! This combination in particular clarifies the skin, helps tighten up pores, and it contains enough acidity to help balance the skin.


Moisturize // Moisturizer is so important, even if you have oily skin, you should never skip this step. Moisturizer protects our skin and increases water content of the skin which prevents dehydration. It also helps with cell turnover and keeping your skin smooth. I’ll add a few drops of tea tree oil to my moisturizer for some extra antibacterial benefits to keep my skin clear and fresh. Applying moisturizer does not add oil, it adds water content and hydration to the skin. If you skip moisturizer because your skin is on the oily side, it can cause your skin to become even more oily as your skin will produce excess sebum to make up for the lack of hydration. Look for non-comedogenic moisturizers (it won’t clog your pores), and moisturizers that are light or water based. If you have extremely dry skin, try adding rose essential oil to your moisturizer! Rose is a very hydrating essential oil. I personally love the Saje Zap Soothing Lotion for acne prone skin as well as the Soothing Facial Serum by Arbonne (it’s from their sensitive line). Zap is perfect for the daytime as it’s a very lightweight moisturizer, while the Arbonne Soothing Facial Serum is great for the evening as it instantly locks in hydration making it a little heavier but still lightweight.

Skin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

Weekly treatment // I like to dedicate one day of the week, typically Sunday night’s, to do an at home treatment mask or deep exfoliation. It’s so easy to make homemade exfoliants and masks. Masks and exfoliation are typically a more intense treatment for the skin, so doing them up to 2 times a week is plenty. It’s important to give your skin time to heal after you’ve done a treatment. Repair time is crucial for healing your skin. If you are constantly exposing your skin to treatments, it can become too harsh and end up making your skin much worse, and more sensitive. I love using a clay mask (such as the one by Red Lemon Natural Living shown above) as it sucks everything out of the skin, or a deep exfoliating mask to help slough off dead skin cells and increase cell turnover.

Skin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

My typical 10 minute makeup regime…

Skin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

Prime // As I have mentioned, I do like to wear makeup, but I also like to take care of the skin I am putting it on. Primer is a great way to build a barrier between your skin and your makeup. It helps keep your makeup from sitting on your skin and clogging your pores. Picture it as a wall of protection. Invest in primer! Apply primer onto cleansed and prepped skin, then you can follow through with the rest of your makeup regime. For those of you who will ask which one I use, it’s the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer, I buy it at Sephora (in store or online). I love this one because it combats oiliness and mattifies the skin, it also contains tea tree oil, it works great!

Foundation // Once my skin is prepped, primed and ready to go, I will add a light foundation to even out my complexion. I personally love using Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation (also found at Sephora in store or online). It’s worth every penny! Especially if you don’t like feeling the heaviness makeup can add to your skin, it’s great for all skin types as well which is awesome (because I think everyone should try it). I hate heavy makeup, this foundation is extremely light, provides a medium coverage, and it makes your skin look amazing and even (especially in photos, but real life too!). A little goes a long way with this foundation. I pump a small pea size amount of foundation to the back of my hand (sometimes I’ll add a tiny drop of tea tree or peppermint oil to it for an extra anti-bacterial skin soothing boost) and with a foundation brush I will dab it all over my forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and down onto my neck a bit for blending. With a blending brush I do small and light circular motions to blend my foundation around until it’s evenly blended. I will also mention that I like my foundation to be slightly lighter than my natural skin colour because I have oily skin. Excess oil in the skin can actually darken makeup, so having my makeup a tiny bit lighter than my skin helps my complexion look even throughout the entire day. Bronzer and blush helps add a bit more colour to your skin if you use foundation that is lighter.

8_skintalk9_skintalkSkin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

Concealer // I use concealer if I need extra coverage along my jawline where I am prone to acne, and always underneath my eyes for brightening things up. I have used Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer for years, it’s amazing and the coverage is great. I have tried other concealers before and can’t believe I would ever switch, that’s how amazing it works for me. It’s also light, not sticky, and blends easily. I always buy my concealer 1 shade to 2 shades lighter than my foundation, this helps give the illusion of brightness and it helps hide imperfections and fade out the look of any scarring. This concealer I use in particular is a stick concealer so it’s easy to draw it onto my face where I need some extra coverage or brightening, then with a light bristled blender brush or beauty blender I will lightly dab it in until it looks even.

Skin Talk with The Nourished Vibe12_skintalkSkin Talk with The Nourished Vibe14_skintalk

Setting // I love using the lighter tones in the Ben Nye Contour Palette or using the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder for setting my makeup. Using a powder brush, I dab over the areas with my setting powder of choice. I let the setting powder sit for 1 – 2 minutes before lightly brushing it away (I like to use a softer bristle powder brush for setting, it keeps things light and I find it spreads it more evenly as opposed to using a thicker more coarse powder brush). This technique is also known as “makeup baking”, you could easily find different ways people like to do this technique by watching makeup professionals on youtube. I like to set underneath my eyes because it helps the concealer last all day long and keeps things bright. Makeup “baking” can completely change your look, it’s pretty neat to watch how people use this technique. If I feel like I am in need of extra coverage (aka I’m having a bad skin day), I turn to my Mac Makeup Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. It is absolutely amazing for extreme coverage in desperate times. If I want to lightly cover my face, sometimes I will only use my studio fix powder and nothing else. It works really well! Some days I will only use primer, mac studio fix, fill in my brows and throw on a lip colour (literally takes 5 minutes max). To combat mid-day oiliness I keep a loose powder or oil-absorbing wipes on hand to rid of any excess oils that can clog the skin’s pores. The oil-absorbing wipes are great because you can blot away excess oil without having to add anymore makeup to your skin, it keeps your face feeling light and fresh.

15_skintalk16_skintalk17_skintalk18_skintalkSkin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

Contour // With a contour brush I lightly contour just slightly underneath my cheekbones and brush over my chin and hairline lightly as well just so everything looks blended and in sync. I love the contour effect, it really enhances the facial bones and your face shape dramatically in just a few simple swipes. I taught myself how to contour by watching makeup artists tutorials on youtube. Youtube is great for learning makeup techniques!

Skin Talk with The Nourished Vibe21_skintalk22_skintalk23_skintalkSkin Talk with The Nourished Vibe Blush // Blush is like the cherry on top of the cheek bones (or bronzer works too). For my typical makeup, I choose my blush according to my lip colour, or visa versa. If I am going all out and doing eyeshadow as well, I will choose my blush depending on my eyes, then decide on my lip last. I almost always choose tones that that are on the cooler or peachier side. I have a cooler undertone in my skin (as opposed to warm undertones) so in my personal opinion, cool tones look a little better on me, however, some warm tones work too. I don’t feel like there are rules when it comes to makeup, if you feel good and you’re rocking it then that’s all that matters!


Highlight // Highlight gives me liiiiife! I am such a highlight freak. I love it. It adds youthfulness, glam, and a healthy glow! Is anyone else a highlight freak like me? With a small dainty powder brush, I add highlight to the tops of my cheek bones, the inner corner of my eyes, underneath my brow line, down the middle of my nose, and just above my lip. I use a light sweeping motion back and forth and will also use a light dabbing motion when adding highlight to my face (it just depends on how intense I want it). Whether I am doing my simple everyday look, or a going out look, I always add highlight. It’s never just on occasion. For this look, I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit.

26_skintalk27_skintalk28_skintalk29_skintalkSkin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

Brows // Filling in my brows seriously changes my face, dramatically! When I started filling my brows in, I couldn’t believe I had never done it before. I have brows, but they are light and ashy coloured, so when I fill them in it really adds dimension to my face. I typically use a brow shadow as opposed to a liquid or pen. With a brow brush I will first outline my brows then slowly fill inside the lines. I like the outer ends to be the most filled in and the inner part of my brow to be very lightly filled in. There are so many ways to fill in a brow, it’s cool to watch how people do it and finding which way works for you.

31_skintalkSkin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

Eyes // On a typical day I add a bit of mascara to my eyelashes, and that’s it! If I am feeling fancy or going out for something special I will do a full eye look using an eyeshadow palette + various eyeshadow brushes.

Skin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

Lips // I am such a classic lip girl, I love lipstick (over lipgloss) and feel naked without it when I’m wearing makeup. I like to over line my lip first, then fill in the rest (kind of like what I do with my brows). I love a matte lip as opposed to shiny. Lip colors are fun, and I feel like they can make such a statement. Dark lip colours have my heart, especially when the season of fall hits, I love seeing all the beautiful dark lip colours that come out. Do you love wearing a lip colour as well? What are some of your favourite or go-to colours? Are you a lipstick or lipgloss lover?

34_skintalkSkin Talk with The Nourished Vibe

Be comfortable in your skin. Whether you have skin that’s normal, acne prone, dry, sensitive, oily, or whatever it is, learn to work with it, love yourself, and be willing to give things time. Try a regime for a few months so your skin can have time to adjust and heal. Try eliminating foods that may be causing your skin to react, and always start small when making lifestyle changes, it keeps things more attainable and less overwhelming. Visit a dermatologist or naturopath to further understand your skin’s needs if it’s something you are seeking to do. Instead of trying to change a number of things at once, start with one change at a time to adjust. Find techniques and products that work for you through every stage of your skin. Our skin is always changing, as we are, so building a relationship with it and trying to understand its needs is important for keeping it in good condition. You don’t need to wear makeup, especially if you don’t like to. You should never feel like you need to look a certain way! Always be yourself, and do the things that make you feel good! That is the most beautiful thing of all, and all that truly matters. If you love makeup, wear it, if you don’t, then simply don’t. There are no rules when it comes to being yourself and doing what makes you happy.

To cap off today’s (insanely long + detailed) blog post, here’s a delicious skin nourishing Chocolatey Collagen Latte recipe…

Chocolatey Collagen Latte

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

Skin nourishing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, gut-healing, Chocolatey Collagen Latte


  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk – dairy free milk option
  • 1/2 cup filtered water – adding a bit of water helps the latte from being too thick
  • 1 tbsp raw cacao powder – high in minerals, vitamins + antioxidants (add another 1/2 tbsp more if you like it rich!)
  • 1 scoop collagen powder – anti-aging + gut-healing
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder – anti-inflammatory + antioxidant
  • Pinch of black pepper – boosts absorption of turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder – high in antioxidants + anti-inflammatory
  • 1 tsp honey – natural nutritious sweetener (add more as needed for desired level of sweetness)


  1. Heat almond milk + water over the stove in a small saucepan
  2. Pour heated milk into a simple blender and blend it with the rest of the ingredients until creamy and frothy (this only takes a few seconds).
  3. Pour Chocolatey Collagen Latte into your favourite cozy mug, sip, nourish and enjoy!

Do you have any skin challenges? What are some of the challenges you face? Have you found any regimes and products that work really well for you, or ones that haven’t? Be sure to let me know! Also, be sure to let me know your thoughts on today’s post.

Good vibes only,Jenna

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