If you don’t know me personally, you probably would never guess that many years ago I was living quite the unhealthy lifestyle. I didn’t have an understanding of nutrition, exercise, self care, and self love. I struggled with finding balance and a solid path to walk on. Can you relate? The more people I meet, the more I realize so many of us have been on similar journeys, and it’s important to share our stories.

Believe me when I say this, I understand how it feels when you’re trying to find your fitness and work towards a stronger, better, and healthier self. With all the different programs and diets out there, it can be extremely overwhelming! Not to mention, there is a ton of misinformation out there (thanks google), which can make it even more confusing. When I first started making changes with my health many years ago, I took the leap by getting more into fitness. I took some pretty intense measures like hardcore (fad) dieting and following specific (insane) fitness regimes to only wind up bouncing back to where I started. It wasn’t a lifestyle, it was more of a quick fix, which doesn’t work long-term. It really put my body into some major shock; hormonal imbalances, mood changes, anxiety, low energy, bloat, and nutrient deficiencies are only a few of the shockers.

Falling down is temporary, staying down is a choice.

I clearly needed guidance. I took action by doing some research and finding some pretty amazing professionals nearby in the field of nutrition, exercise, hormones, and naturopathy to help me discover and understand what my unique body needs and does not need to thrive and be healthy. I also dove into some books that helped immensely. Books truly are healing. Staying curious and getting myself properly educated on the areas I felt I was struggling in at that time helped me start defining my own life. Gaining a better understanding and awareness of my body and myself helped me fall in love with living a healthy lifestyle. I eat and exercise more freely, keeping in mind what my body needs and does not need to thrive and be strong. Food and fitness became more enjoyable and exciting. I started seeing food as nutrients to give me life, and exercise as a way to keep me fit and strong enough to take on whatever comes my way, as opposed to food as “good” or “bad” and exercise as a way of achieving a certain unattainable physical appearance.

Be accepting of your unique body; nourish it according to your personal needs and move it in ways that make you feel good. In return you will be rewarded with good health.

Our bodies are always changing, this is inevitable! As my body changes, I continue to stay curious and aware of it so I can adjust myself according to my needs, and feel my best through every age and every stage.


I want to add that I am not against diets or following specific exercise programs by any means, I do believe they have there place and can be beneficial for improving ones health given certain conditions. I think if you do your research and fully understand why you are following any specific diet/exercise regime it can do great things for your health! My approach to fitness is one that works for me, and I share my story only to hope I can inspire you if you are going through or have gone through something similar to what I did. If you are dieting and exercising in ways that are making you miserable, imbalanced, exhausted, and so forth, I only hope this post will inspire you to take a step back, reevaluate, ask questions, and find ways to fall in love with being healthy by your own definition. If you are dieting and exercising in ways that are making you feel amazing, then keep rocking it!

Thank you for popping by the blog today! Do you relate to my fitness story? Comment below and share with me your journey, or any thoughts you might have. Have a wonderful day!

Jenna XO

Photos by: @evagracephoto

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