Hello! My name is Jenna, and welcome to The Nourished Vibe blog. I am a twenty-something year old living in Vancouver, BC. I am a dreamer who has a passion for the world of wellness. I love eating good food, self care routines, exercise, creating healthy recipes, finding healthy food spots, learning new things, and exploring new places. In 2017 I started this blog and began using my Instagram: @thenourishedblonde as a way to share my passions by showing my love for the world of wellness and capturing it in daily life. As an ambitious student studying health sciences with a focus on food, nutrition, and health, I have dedicated my life to the exciting and growing world of wellness.

The source of my passion emerges from my own personal experiences with an imbalanced lifestyle. I was determined to create a healthy balance between nutrition, mentality, and exercise. I began to realize that everything is connected, and that when one part of us is out of balance our whole system suffers. It’s not only important to nourish our body with real and nutritious food, but to also nourish our mind with healthy thoughts, and our physical body with movement. This is what The Nourished Vibe is all about!

I love to allow my surroundings to inspire me to live my life to the fullest in good health and good vibes. I look forward to connecting with you!

Jenna XO

Photo by @lovecraftphotography